B&P Hall of Fame: #69.

Sammy James.


Age 25.

Measurement: 34H.

69, my favourite number… Sammy James had to make an appearance somewhere in the list and here seemed as good a slot as any. Modelling exclusively for the Busty Brits stable with half a dozen or so excellent shoots, many of them barefoot but only one with open legs. I’m on record as saying that there’s something about a pale creamy BBW that I just love, and Sammy is as good an example as anyone could come up. The sort of girl who you know would be sunburnt around the pool on the first day of a Mediterranean holiday. :) Sammy’s gone all quiet of late and her lesbian set with Jan Burton was less a deflowering and more a non-event. But her solo sets from around 2-4 years were where the great aspects of her genuine shyness as a model shone through. And fuck me, if her feet weren’t just great too. Adorable.


B&P Hall of Fame: #70.

Jennica Lynn.

Sweden/Bournemouth, UK.

Age 27.

Measurement: 34M.

Well… researching this entry I was struck by just how much delightful barefoot material is available from Jennica in such a short space of time. Quite impressive, especially she has modelled exclusively for Sc0re. I would dearly love to see her do some work for DDF. Jennica appears to have settled in to a pattern of solo masturbation porn, but then again Lily Madison is already getting her tits sucked by Luna Amor on DDF Busty, so we live in hope that these ladies can cross over into a variety of settings. Jennica’s Boobpedia page suggests she hasn’t ruled out hardcore, although I notice that she said on Twitter than she wouldn’t film any professionally. In which case I am off to get my home video camera to shoot some amateur footage for free… :) Nice eyes, great lips, enormous tits… Anticipating further greatness from Jennica.


B&P Hall of Fame: #71.

Kelly Madison.

Newport Beach, California, USA.

Age 47.

Measurement: 34G.

Well she started late, but boy did Kelly make up for lost time. An impossibly slender frame to go with those massive naturals and in remarkable condition for a woman of her age. I’ve always felt a little for Kelly, watching her husband muster up multiple orgasms for other women while she looks on, but I guess she wouldn’t do it if she didn’t enjoy it. Her feet are underrated, mainly because she doesn’t take her shoes off quite enough, but they look damn fine in those heels she usually wears. Hot MILF!


B&P Hall of Fame: #72.

Eden Mor.

Haifa, Israel.

Age 30.

Measurement: 34HH.

Fuck me, when I first started really getting into busty porn, Eden was amazing. She still is, really. But there was something about those mighty voluptuous orbs and those puffy pussy lips that captured me back in those days and although she’s still pretty damn fine since her weight loss, nothing will ever quite match that time. Eden is another genuine stunner, drop dead gorgeous face and astonishing curvy package. She should probably have made more of her feet over the years, especially considering her very sexy toes. Eden has never really confidently branched out beyond her admittedly excellent solo sets. Her few faux-lesbian sets have never really set the pulse racing, so obvious is it that she’s not really feeling it. The Bozena lickathon was an exception, such is Boz’s gusto for a good deflowering and hints at maybe what might have been with a few lowered inhibitions. But let’s not detract from Eden’s strengths. Time for a re-appraisal and those enormous naturals are just looking as good as ever.


B&P Hall of Fame: #73.

Kelly Kay.

Liverpool, UK.

Age 28.

Measurement: 34H.

Another brightly burning and sadly long extinguished star, Kelly’s naturals were ridiculously huge on her shapely young frame. Kelly had curves everywhere with a delicious set of hips to complement her guns. Full breasts and substantial nipples, like a pre-cursor to September Carrino… but while Kelly lacked Seppy’s beauty, she was happy to experiment with some more daring material. She posed beautifully in faux-lesbian sets with the likes of Linsey Dawn McKenzie before going all the way (and surprisingly giving as good as she got) in a full-on licking, sucking, double dildo fest with Bozena. Kelly’s piece de resistance however will always be the legendary mother-daughter set where she and mum Jane posed naked and legs apart side-by-side. They went on to win on a television game show, predictably bringing all the naked pics to wider public attention. Kelly went on to get married, have a baby and reputedly had her norks reduced. Never mind! We loved her body and her feet - in and out of her favoured strappy sandals.


B&P Hall of Fame: #74.

Micky Bells.

Bucharest, Romania.

Age 27.

Measurement: 36J.

Micky has absolute monster tits. There’s no two ways about it. She started slim, plumped up, then slimmed down again, the latter time with considerably saggier breasts than before. Micky has spent a lot of her career modelling for Sc0re, both inflated and deflated. She is essentially a “nylons and heels” kind of model but we have managed to enjoy a good sight of her chubby toes in quite a few of her sets. Micky’s repertoire is mainly solo, with a few ultra-softcore girl-girl posing with the likes of legends Natalie Fiore, Hitomi Tanaka and Gia Johnson.


B&P Hall of Fame: #75.

Constance Devil/Bianca Jordan/Jana.

Prague, Czech Republic.

Age 35.

Measurement: 38F.

Not many mature ladies have the firmness of breasts that Constance has. In fact, few ladies - full stop. Constance has a great package - beautiful face, full tits, round ass, fantastic legs and sexy feet too, which of course our good friends at DDF do not hesitate to exploit. Great too that Constance got her shoes off for her Sc0re set. She’s done solo, lesbian, boy-girl, multi-partner, anal and interracial features. Another memorable Eastern European lady for the purveyors of busty foot fetish work.


B&P Hall of Fame: #76.



Age 46.

Measurement: 40D.

Don’t know much at all about this mature busty lady from Eastern Europe except for her work, which I have enjoyed for some years. Her sets seem to be based in the AllOver30 stable, which is a good one - not least of all for its focus on feet. Melyssa’s body is astounding for her age, with lovely big tits, shaven pussy and a nigh on perfect foot package of cared-for toes and soles with higher than average arches. Her “diamond pose” shots I find particularly arousing. Melyssa has posed solo but also in girl-girl sets (often with a much younger lady), boy-girl sets and a couple of lesbian orgies. Loving her work!


B&P Hall of Fame: #77.

Kristina Milan

San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Age 28.

Measurement: 40J.

Much to write about with Kristina - cute face, the massive tits, chunky feet, round belly and of course for those that love it - lactation. Variety of indoor and outdoor sets - the waterfront ones for Sc0re are particularly good for barefoot action as is the obligatory xx-cel full nudity. Lesbian, boy-girl. threesomes… Kristina is a broadminded professional. The hooters are just extraordinary. 


B&P Hall of Fame: #78.

Issy Sena/Dominican Poison

Dominican Republic.

Age 29.

Measurement: 36G.

Let’s be honest, there’s a total embarrassment of riches when it comes to Issy’s busty barefootedness on the internet. I have to admit to particularly liking her outdoor sets, where plenty of jacuzzis, swimming pools and beaches seem to have been involved. Issy has beautifully maintained and often french pedicured feet. Other selling points are the outrageous curves on this small-waisted and substantially bootay’ed latina lady. Issy has also been active as a cam girl, where she has shown off even more than I have included here - although the captures are grainy, they are worth pursuing. I absolutely loved Issy’s sets with the legendary Milena Velba and who wouldn’t? She certainly seemed to enjoy getting the Milena treatment!